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My Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things ...
Favorite Christmas Activity
I love giving gifts!  I try to make a list for family members throughout the year, as I have an inspiration of what they may like.  But sometimes I have a blank near their name - I am clueless on the 'perfect gift'.  Well that's where the Gift Card appears!  Then they can get what they really want or need.

Favorite Christmas Tradition
Baking Gingerbread Cookies with my grandchildren
has become my favorite Christmas Tradition!
First, we start with a story ('cause this grandma is a teacher ;))

The kids are readers now - so I get to enjoy hearing them read to me ---Sweet!
Next, we read the recipe.  Yep, gotta make them from scratch!  and guess where I found that..... Pinterest!  Just click on those cute little guys 
and find this yummy recipe.
Then we get all of our ingredients, measuring cups, measuring spoons, bowls, etc.  So many authentic opportunities for math here - measuring - fractions - I love it!
You can see Papa is enjoying this tradition also!  And Sam - he loves the gingerbread cookie cutters!  
Lastly, we enjoy them!

Favorite Restaurant
We enjoy the ambiance and menu at the Macaroni Grill!  
It's usually our date-night spot of choice!
We enjoy with our grandkids too!

Where else can you play tic-tac-toe right on the table?!

Favorite Store
We love shopping at Trader Joe's!  Great produce, yummy food, happy & helpful store employees, free samples, fresh flowers, great wine, fun art on the walls, and low prices!  I hope you all have a Trader Joe's near you!


  1. Great pictures Peggy, I love Trader Joe's too!

  2. What a wonderful traditions for your grandchildren (and for you!) My fondest childhood memories are of my Grammy and our Christmas's together. Just today, I bought some prefeffernus (or however you spell that) cookies at the store because they remind me of her. I miss her a lot, especially at Christmas. Your grandchildren will always cherish those memories! Good for you! Happy Holidays!