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My Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things ...
Favorite Christmas Activity
I love giving gifts!  I try to make a list for family members throughout the year, as I have an inspiration of what they may like.  But sometimes I have a blank near their name - I am clueless on the 'perfect gift'.  Well that's where the Gift Card appears!  Then they can get what they really want or need.

Favorite Christmas Tradition
Baking Gingerbread Cookies with my grandchildren
has become my favorite Christmas Tradition!
First, we start with a story ('cause this grandma is a teacher ;))

The kids are readers now - so I get to enjoy hearing them read to me ---Sweet!
Next, we read the recipe.  Yep, gotta make them from scratch!  and guess where I found that..... Pinterest!  Just click on those cute little guys 
and find this yummy recipe.
Then we get all of our ingredients, measuring cups, measuring spoons, bowls, etc.  So many authentic opportunities for math here - measuring - fractions - I love it!
You can see Papa is enjoying this tradition also!  And Sam - he loves the gingerbread cookie cutters!  
Lastly, we enjoy them!

Favorite Restaurant
We enjoy the ambiance and menu at the Macaroni Grill!  
It's usually our date-night spot of choice!
We enjoy with our grandkids too!

Where else can you play tic-tac-toe right on the table?!

Favorite Store
We love shopping at Trader Joe's!  Great produce, yummy food, happy & helpful store employees, free samples, fresh flowers, great wine, fun art on the walls, and low prices!  I hope you all have a Trader Joe's near you!


Snowy Day Data

This fun 'Snowy Day Data' Sampler and it is sure to delight your students!  It's perfect for this time of year to review/teach data collecting on a tally chart and creating bar graphs.
This Sampler has 5 snowy days to collect and graph data from... and a fun 'Tally the Snowballs'!
his sampler is part of a larger pack, 'Snowy Day Data Printables and Task Cards'  It includes Task Cards, Vocabulary Poster, Student Data Guide cover, and more data pages.  If you are looking for more - just click on the picture below to find the complete pack.

What Shall We Give Him?

That is the question we asked ourselves!  After all it is His birthday - so what gift can we give to Him?

We read this precious story of Papa Panov who also wanted to give Jesus a gift.
He discovered the truth from Matthew 25:37-40 
The people asked ...when had they...
fed Him 
or given Him drink, 
or invited Him in, 
or clothed Him, 
or taken care of Him when He was sick, 
or visited Him in prison?

He answered them - 
'I tell you the truth, 
just as you did it for one of the least of these 
brothers or sisters of mine, 
you did it for me."

So we knew how to give Him a gift for His birthday!  
Give to the poor...
(I had requested 10 Christmas catalogues from World Vision knowing where this lesson was going to go.)
We partnered up and went through the catalogue looking for gifts to give.
This changed all our hearts!
Here they are looking at pictures of children with so much less than they have and having empathy and compassion toward them!
They took the catalogues home and asked their parents how they could earn money to give.
We collected our money for a few weeks.  Then on our Christmas party day, we counted all our money.
Once we knew how much we had to spend - we went back to our World Vision catalogue with a partner.  We found 1 - 3 things that we would like to give and cut it out of the catalogue.
Then we shared what we wanted to give and why we thought that gift was important.  Let's just say, my eyes were not dry as the kids explained why their choice was important. 
When all had shared - we voted as a class!
We gave Him a gift!  A gift we know He would love!
soccer balls
safety for children
share of a well for a village
share of a home for orphans

That class gave me a gift also!
I love goats!  This little goat went to a poor family in Africa - in my name.  
Best gift I ever received from a class!

You may not teach in a Christian school, but you could still do a project like this with World Vision or Samaritan's Purse.  
It's a great family project too!
It definitely promotes Kindness, Caring, Empathy and so much more!
World Vision

Samaritan's Purse

What are you giving Him this Christmas?