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Walking in a Winter Wonderland in So Cal

Happy New Year!
I am so excited to join some of my wonderful SoCal blog buddies for a 
SoCal blog hop!
I love winter in Southern California! 
Do you like to write New Year's Resolutions?  
I like to write a few goals for different facets of my life.  I find that just a few works better for me, I used to write long lists- now it's just a few short ones.  (That way I am more likely to accomplish some.)
Spending time with the Lord every morning.
Tuning into Him before I tune into social media.

Spend more time with my husband than I spend in front of the computer.

Print and USE that great Hello Planner I purchased from The 3am Teacher

Walk - Drink Water - Lift Weights

We have lots of freebies for you that will make your winter teaching wonderful!
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I made this freebie for you!
This is a great lesson to help your students refocus after their holiday vacation.
It's all about RESPONSIBILITY!
This will be posted as a FREEBIE only during this blog hop.
Be sure to get your copy today!

Thanks for stopping by!  I'd love to hear about your goals for the new year!