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Walking in a Winter Wonderland in So Cal

Happy New Year!
I am so excited to join some of my wonderful SoCal blog buddies for a 
SoCal blog hop!
I love winter in Southern California! 
Do you like to write New Year's Resolutions?  
I like to write a few goals for different facets of my life.  I find that just a few works better for me, I used to write long lists- now it's just a few short ones.  (That way I am more likely to accomplish some.)
Spending time with the Lord every morning.
Tuning into Him before I tune into social media.

Spend more time with my husband than I spend in front of the computer.

Print and USE that great Hello Planner I purchased from The 3am Teacher

Walk - Drink Water - Lift Weights

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I made this freebie for you!
This is a great lesson to help your students refocus after their holiday vacation.
It's all about RESPONSIBILITY!
This will be posted as a FREEBIE only during this blog hop.
Be sure to get your copy today!

Thanks for stopping by!  I'd love to hear about your goals for the new year!


  1. I love that little palm tree! Those sound like some great goals for the New Year, Peggy!

    1. Thank you, Kristen! Now I just need to put feet to them! ;)

  2. SUCH a good resolution about spending quality time together instead of being on the computer! That's a tough one but a very good one to work on!

    1. Thanks Holly! I know it's so hard! I already failed at that yesterday. ;)

  3. Love all your resolutions, especially #1. I'm following She Reads Truth devotionals & try to read BEFORE checking emails, etc.! There's always a great music playlist that accompanies each devotional series, too! Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year, Kathie! That sounds like a great idea! I'm going to go find that devotional - I love the name - She Reads Truth! Thank you for the tip!

  4. I love your goals for the year!I need to spend more time with the family instead of in front of the computer too! Thank you for making me realize I am not alone. I hope 2015 is a wonderful year for you! -Jaime

    1. Thank you, Jamie! We are not alone ;) Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year Peggy! I enjoyed reading your post! I am right there with you on goal #1!
    Jessica :)

  6. Happy New Year Peggy! Thanks for sharing your goals for the year!!! Have a wonderful 2015!!!

  7. Thank you for stopping by! Happy New Year!

  8. Cutest palm tree ever!
    Palma (KFUNdamentals)

  9. Hey Peggy. It is so nice to read all about your resolutions. We have very similar resolutions. I agree with spending more time with the Lord and our husbands. I need to remember that they are the most important to me. Hope you are having a great start to this new year! Many blessings. ~Laura

  10. I love a palm tree with lights on. That looks like home to me!

  11. LOVE your resolutions!! I need to start doing my devotions in the morning so I have no excuses!

  12. Spend less time in front of the computer....I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has their face in front of the computer screen all the time. Of course, if it's not in front of the computer screen, it's in front of the TV screen, for me at least. : )
    Good to meet you, Peggy! Now I'm following you!
    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  13. Hi Peggy!!! Your description on the side bar was something I could use to describe myself...we have so much in common. Your first two resolutions are also two of mine. I committed to leaving my cell phone in my purse when I'm at home so I am spending time with my husband instead of a screen!!

    I'm looking forward to meeting you at the next SoCal Meet Up!
    A Teachable Teacher

  14. I love reading your blog! Thanks for this blog hop as it has helped me get more excited for school to resume! Love your resolutions. My big one this year is to break a bad habit of having to have my phone with me at all times, especially meals. Time to put it away and have conversations with my family. :)

  15. I truly enjoyed reading your blog post! I have a beautiful planner that I must use more. Good luck to us with that resolution. Thank you for the great freebie on responsibility.

    2 Smart Wenches

  16. OOO 1 & 2 for sure with me too Peggy!

  17. Peggy I love your goals for the New Year. It reminds me of how important it is nourish our spirituality and relationships above all. Also a great FREEBIE to help teach my students responsibility! Thank you. They definitely will need lots of reminders on how to behave as if it were the first week of school again. Lol. TeacherMsH~ThirdIstheWord