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3 Tips for a Stress-Free Valentine's Party

Is it possible to have a classroom party and not have to scrape the students off the ceiling?

I promise you, that YES IT IS!
It's all about the battle party plan!
And I am here to help you get ready so that not just your kids will enjoy the party - so will you!
(without the aspirin) (or the Zanex) ;)

I have learned from experience that turning parties over to parents can often be disastrous.  So for my own sanity, and desire to give the students a great party - I plan it!

I enlist parent help after I know what I want.

To get organized ahead of time, I use an organizer for my parties, so that I don't forget something important.  (One year I forgot to put ice-cream on the list for our ice-cream sundaes YIKES!)

Decide what crafts, games, and activities you are going to include.  With plan in hand, you can now delegate to some of those parents who love to help.

(If you would like mine, just click on the organizer for mine)

Gather all materials for each - I like to put each in a bag, tub, or box - so in the thick of the battle party, you can just grab it a be ready.

The party plan:  starts out slow (individual) - gets a little wild (but controlled) - quiets back down with partner and small group games - ends with the BANG!  
(And then they fly out the door to their own homes.)

You have a plan - but remember to be flexible.  A game you thought they would love is not being enjoyed - change it!

This is the general sequence my parties have:
Easy Craft - whole group
Bingo Game - whole group
Minute-to-Win-It Games
Partner or Small Group Games
Refreshments & Valentine Opening

Once those Valentines and refreshments are out - they are GONE!

You can be Prepared, Have a Plan, and still have a crazy party.... You need to be able to quickly get the partiers' attention to give instructions for the next activity on your plan.  
You need a signal.
a bell - a clap pattern that they echo - a phrase they echo - something that has been agree upon, taught,
and practiced before the party.

I did promise you STRESS- FREE didn't I?
I have done the work for you - ta da!   Everything you need!

After the party - look over your plan - reflect:
What worked?
What do you wish you had done differently?
What did not work?
Jot it done and file it with your resources for next year.

Next year will be even better!


  1. I seriously was just thinking about how stressed out I was over the Christmas party... for the Valentine's Party, we are starting state testing this week too! Stress on top of stress! This blog post is wonderful :) I will definitely be using your tips! Thank you :)

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! You are so encouraging! I hope you had a delightful (stressless) party! <3

  2. Love your tips and the Classroom Valentine Pack! Mentioned it on my blog. TeacherMsH

    1. Thank you, Julie! I really appreciate you!

  3. Delegating to my parents party responsibilities. They love doing it. Parties can only last the last 30 minutes of school, so they plan accordingly. The best party is they understand a little about teaching and keeping scholars interest the ENTIRE time:)