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Springing into Spring

Spring has always been my favorite season!  
It brings such joy to the heart after the winter months. 
In the classroom, it means that it's time for 
butterflies, chicks, and sprouts!  
At home, it means it's time for 
gardening and enjoying the flowers, birds, and butterflies!  
My sweet husband and I have been enjoying making a butterfly garden.  
We planted milkweed for the Monarch butterflies last summer and the butterflies came!  
We had butterflies dancing in our garden all summer!  In February, two hatched, and you guessed it :) - male and female!  
(We named them Monica and Monet.)
This is Monica!

We now have over a dozen little caterpillars munching away!
They are very hungry caterpillars!  We are planting more milkweed for them!

I love spring in the classroom!  Time for Butterflies!
This Butterfly Life Cycle unit has integrated science and literacy activities that will bring delight and wonder to your students this spring!  It is packed with engaging activities!  Click on the pictures to go check it out!

And time for Chicks!
This is such an amazing unit to do with your students in the spring!  I've done it Kinders, Firsties, Second Graders, and Third Graders!  We are never to old to be struck with the wonder of a chick hatching from an egg!  It is packed with science and literacy activities.

I have 2 Spring Freebies for you!

(Click on Picture to download.)
This is a great addition to your Spring Literacy Workstations!
This activity will help your students distinguish Facts from Opinions.  This is such an important comprehension skill for the kiddos - actually for all of us ;).
Just because we hear it on TV, or read it somewhere, it might not be a fact.
This activity can be done in large group, small group, or as an individual center activity.
Don't we love flexibility?!

(Click on Picture to download.)
   Are you looking for an engaging, easy prep, CUTE, spring activity with educational value?  Here it is!  Your students will enjoy learning/reviewing fractions with this fraction printable!  I have also included 2 anchor Posters to use as you teach/review fractions.  


  1. Peggy, I love your butterfly garden! Such a great idea! A few years ago my mother was going to throw away some caterpillars that were on her parsley. I happened to have an insect cage from my classroom that I brought home for my girls! So it was meant for us to take them. We watched the whole process and it was amazing!
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas and for joining us! I always love your positive energy! :)

  2. What a great idea to plant milkweed. I might have to try that at home this year!