Don't Nag - Call the COPS

Are you tired of nagging reminding your students again and again (and yet again) to check their writing for capitals, spelling, neatness, and end punctuation?
If you are - CALL THE COPS!
Seriously!  Use the COPS to help your little writers
slow down and edit their own writing.
So don't keep nagging reminding -
just call the COPS!
Don't you just love acronyms?!  They really help anchor concepts in the students' (and teacher's :)) minds!
As you can see in the posters below, each letter in COPS reminds students important details they need to check for in their writing.

This pack includes all you need to teach your students to do their own editing!
Use these 4 Posters with kid-friendly 'I Can Statements' to introduce COPS to your students, then leave them up in your classroom for easy reference through out the year.
Writers workshop
Students love flip books, oh my!  
This is a fun, interactive way to cement the editing concepts in their minds.

The Common Core State Standards are written in kid-friendly language -
in an "I can" Statement.
The included Rubric can be used for individual, peer, or teacher/student reflections.

I have included this printable for students to practice 'Patrolling with the COPS'.
A blank copy is also included, so you can make up your own sentence for your students.  I like to use this as a task in their morning work.
Notice the COPS boxes to the left of each sentence - that is for students to put tally marks (or numbers) of how many of those edits needed to be made in that sentence.  This helps them s.l.o.w. down and actually reflect on their writing.

Now, we know there will be some little 'speeders' that rush though their writing without 'patrolling their writing!  
That's when they get a ticket!
Just put a check under the area that need editing and attach it to the writing that needs editing.
 The student then needs to look back to find and correct their own writing.
Click on the picture below to see more.
Editing writing will be a joy for your students with Edit Writing with COPS! It is an engaging, effective way for students to remember to edit their writing! “Patrol Your Writing with COPS!”  May easily be used for: self, peer, or teacher editing. I post these on my Writing Focus Wall and the students glue the bookmarks in their writing folders.

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