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So Cal End-of-Year Link Up {FREEBIES}

Hi Friends!  It's almost summertime!!!  I am teaming up with some of my Southern California bloggy buds to bring you an 
End-of-the-Year Link Up!  
We each have a special Freebie for you - so be sure to visit us all - ;)
We also have a special Rafflecopter Prize for you...
a $100 Gift Card for a pair of summer Tieks!
I haven't always lived in Southern California - 
I grew up in  the central valley - very hot in the summer...
I lived in Oregon for many years - usually cold in the summer...
Now I live in SoCal and it is JUST RIGHT in the summer!
One of my favorite things to do in the summer in SoCal is to go to the beach -
with the grandkids!

 We are delighted to live so close the the San Diego Safari Park!
We have season passes so we can keep an eye on all those critters - year-round!

Another fun thing I love to do in SoCal is to meet up with other bloggers!  It's tons of fun sharing the joys of being in the field of education!

Just last week week we met up at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad!

In August, we met up in Huntington Beach for a Back to School Beach Bash!

I've meet so many smart, creative people at these gatherings - I am very thankful for this community of teachers, authors, bloggers, and friends! - they contunually inspire and encourage me!

I just starting doing this 'Some of Our Favorite Things About You' booklet with my class a few years ago - and it quickly became one of our favorite activities!   
It created such a sweet, positive way to end the year!  
Who wouldn't love to get a book filled with all your friends' compliments 
on what they appreciate about you?!
A treasure for each student - and an engaging activity 
to capture their attention in the last days of school.
And what a great way to send them into summer - and life - 
looking for the positive in others!
Just click on the image above to download.
Check out the rest of the Freebies we have for you by following the links.
And don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter for that Tieks' gift card!
Happy Teaching!


Ninja Bump Multiplication

One of the secrets to mastering the multiplication facts is
Games are such an effective and engaging way to develop math fact fluency!

  This Ninja 'Kick It' game is sure to be a hit with your students!
It is ready to go - Print & Play!
Just choose color or black and white.
I like to give each student a black and white copy to play at school and 
then they take it home to play with their family.  
A fun way to practice multiplication facts!  
Beats flash cards on effectiveness and fun!  (Maybe there's a connection :} )
If you print the color version and laminate it - you will have an instant center for years to come!

This Sampler Freebie is part of my larger unit, Math Fact Fluency {Multiplication Games}.

Color Option

B&W Option

These are perfect to send home as extra practice - 
and since each focuses on one fact family, 
you can easily differentiate for your students.
I hope your students enjoy these bump games!

Teacher Appreciation - Secrets from the Classroom

I am delighted to be teaming up with some great teachers - 
to express our appreciation of all you wonderful teachers!

We know this can be a crazy, stressful time of year - 
so we have some secrets to help relieve some of that stress!

Music Box - Friday Surprise

It can be a challenge this time of year to motivate your students!
This is such a fun way to help your students to focus on their work!
I love it - because you don't have to say a word!  
Just open the music box and silence reigns!
Here is how it works.
Introduce the music box to your students on a Monday.
Explain that if there is still music left in it on Friday afternoon - 
it's Friday Surprise time!  
(They love the idea of the surprise!)
Say, 'I am sure you are wondering how we will keep the music in the box!'
'Well, it will only open when ... you are off task or talking too much.' 
Practice with the students:
'Pretend you are chattering with each other.'
<Open Music Box>
As soon as they are quiet - close it.

Disclosure:  ;)
I have secretly rewound the music box to insure that there will be music everyday to help them refocus.  ;)

Free Choice: Classroom Games
Extra Recess
Students Choose: class votes on activity

M&M Time!

Here is another amazing motivator!
On Monday, students know that all their required assignments will go on the 'Must' side.
On Friday, students know that if the 'Musts' are complete - 
then they may choose an activity from the 'May' list.
I usually have about 15 minutes for this - 
but some weeks longer if there are many students still working on the 'Musts'