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About Me

My name is Peggy Means.  I am a child of God and a retired elementary teacher.

When I was in the classroom, I loved teaching and creating engaging resources for my students.  

Now, I love sharing my resources and ideas with busy teachers around the world.

I named this blog 'Primary Flourish' because that is my heart's passion - to help primary teachers and students to flourish.

I love that word 'flourish' don't you?!   It implies thriving above and beyond the 'normal', the average. It implies greatness in the entire person- body, soul, and spirit. 

I know that is what we all as teachers want for our students, as well as ourselves...we want them, we want us. . . to flourish! 

This blog is dedicated to you, hard working teachers, who desire to see your students flourish, and flourish yourselves in the journey!

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