How To Writing: How to Catch a Leprechaun - just in time for St. Patrick's Day!  This pack has everything you need to lead your little writers through the writing process in this fun genre! These little imaginary creatures provide a highly motivating reason to write.

Multiplication Matching Cards FREEBIE  These cards are perfect introducing multiplication as adding two equal groups.  The cards may be used in ‘Mix & Match’ where you pass out one card to each student and ask them to find their match. The may also be used in a ‘Go Fish’ game, or a ‘Memory’ game.

Chicken Life Cycle Posters {Freebie}: 1. Inside of an Egg 2. Chicken Life Cycle Anchor Poster 3. How a Chick Hatches Anchor Poster

This is a quick fun way for primary students to learn or review the three branches of government.

This Valentine’s Day Party Pack Sampler is sure to add giggles and fun to your Valentine’s Party!   In this Sampler you will find:  1. Valentine cards in color and black and white  2. ‘Left, Right, Center!’ Valentine theme

Writer's Folder
I have found that it helps students so much to have a special place to keep their writing!  Then they always know where to look for their cutest writing projects.  (Well - most will ;))
Writing Folders are also a great aid in helping your students take responsibility for their writing and organizing it.  
Additionally, I love to look through their writing, 
so I have them turn them into me occasionally.

Writing our weekly goals down has been a game-changer in my classroom!
They love checking off those goals - some weeks I give them stickers to put there. 
(Everything goes better with stickers!)
Primary Flourish
I have my students fill this in on Mondays, 
so they can see what their goals are for the week.
Some Writing Goals Suggestions:
> Powerful Sentences
> Journal Entries
> Respond to Literature
> Current Paragraph Goal

I have this Writer's Folder 
for you as a Freebie!
Just click on the pictures above to download!

Get Your Day Started with Peace & 

Self-Directed Students!

I found myself frustrated with the way our school day started out.  I thought I had explained clearly to my students what they were to do first thing in the morning.  I had lunch count and attendance to do, kids were constantly interrupting me with, "What do I do now?"
Projecting a slide every morning totally transformed our mornings!
Students were now self-directed and took responsibility for what they needed to do.

If you have a LCD projector and Powerpoint on your computer you may want to give this a try.
All of the text boxes are editable - so you can add what you like each day!
{Just click on the image above to download this editable PowerPoint.}

Happy Teaching!

End-of-Year Class Book

Some of Our Favorite Things About You!
I just starting doing this 'Some of Our Favorite Things About You
booklet with my class a few years ago - 
and it quickly became one of our favorite activities!   
It created such a sweet, positive way to end the year!  
Who wouldn't love to get a book filled with all your friends' compliments 
on what they appreciate about you?!
A treasure for each student - and an engaging activity 
to capture their attention in the last days of school.
And what a great way to send them into summer - and life - 
looking for the positive in others!
Class Compliments
Happy Teaching!

Ninja Bump - Multiplication Game

I have an engaging multiplication game for you!
Games are such an effective and engaging way to develop math fact fluency!  This Ninja 'Kick It' game is sure to be a hit with your students!  It is ready to go - Print & Play!  Just choose color or black and white.
I like to give each student a black and white copy to play at school and 
then they take it home to play with their family.  
A fun way to practice multiplication facts!  
Beats flash cards on effectiveness and fun!  (Maybe there's a connection :} )
If you print the color version and laminate it - you will have an instant center for years to come!
Just click on the image above to download!

This Sampler Freebie is part of my larger unit, Math Fact Fluency {Multiplication Games}.

Color Option

B&W Option

These are perfect to send home as extra practice - 
and since each focuses on one fact family, 
you can easily differentiate for your students.
Happy Teaching!

Gingerbread Man Measuring

Here is a fun way to introduce and or review measuring in inches.  This cute Gingerbread Activity is the perfect activity to use during this Holiday Season!
It gets them up and moving
and they are still learning!

Task Cards in a Math Center
'Solve the Room'
Solve the Room with Partners
Scoot with Partners

I like to read a Gingerbread Man story and then tell my students that we have some Gingerbread men on the loose and we need to
'Catch them if we can!'
and then measure them!

Click on the picture above to 'Catch the Gingerbread Man'!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Happy Teaching!

Fact or Opinion - Winter

Here is the winter edition of my Facts & Opinion.  It is such an important skill I made one for each season!  If you would like this freebie click on the picture below.
This freebie will be a great addition to your Literacy workstations! This language arts activity will help your students identify Facts from Opinions. This is such an important reading comprehension skill for the kiddos - it helps develop discernment in all areas of their lives.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Fact or Opinion - Fall

Here is a great addition to your Fall Literacy Workstations!
This activity will help your students identify Facts from Opinions.  This is such an important comprehension skill for the kiddos - actually for all of us ;).
Just because we hear it on TV does not make it a fact.

This activity can be done in large group, small group, or as an individual center activity.  Don't we love flexibility?!

Sorting Mats
Facts & Opinions Task Cards to Sort
 Recording Sheets
If this looks like an activity that would benefit your class - click on any of the pictures to grab this FREEBIE!


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